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Pickleball Zone Rates and Offerings


Court Rentals – 1 hour Cost $36 or $66 for 2 hours – 

Court rentals are available to the general public. We ask that there are no more than 6 participants per court. Paddles and court shoes are available.

Round Robin Events - 2 hours Cost $14 

Our skill level based Round Robins are open to members and the public. Sign up on CourtReserve is mandatory. Play at least 6 games with different partners and against different opponents. 

Challenge Play - 2 hours Cost $14 

Challenge Play activities provide a great social atmosphere while gauging how to do against the competition. These events are usually hosted in the evening after work hours. Sign up on CourtReserve is mandatory. Courts are set aside for different skill levels. Challenge in as a single player or with a partner.

Private Lessons – 1 Hour for 1-2 players Cost $66. 1 hour for 3-4 players Cost $72

Private lessons are available upon request. If there are certain aspects of your game that need attention, or you are trying to fine tune a specific shot, our Pros will structure a lesson to best suite you and your needs.

Intro to Pickleball (pickleball 101) - 1.5 hours Cost $32 

If you are just getting started in the world of pickleball, this clinic is your go-to learning environment! Our Pros will teach you the correct way to hit a ball. You will learn basic strategies and rules to get you playing midway through the session. Sign up with your friend for added fun.

Pickleball 102 Clinics - 1.5 hours Cost $32 

This activity is for those who are ready to take their entry level game to the next level. Participants MUST have basic pickleball skills. Throughout this clinic you will focus on specific techniques and strategies that will push your game to the next level.

Various Pickleball Clinics Cost $20-$32 per person. 

We offer a wide variety of clinics for different skill levels and group sizes. Cost is based on number of participants and duration

Assisted Play with Critique -1 hour Cost $20 per person 

Your next clinic after the 102 and a great way to have our Pro critique your game and point out what you will need to work on. 

Match Play with Critique -1 hour Cost $20 per person 

Bring your own foursome within your skill level and have our Pro critique your game and point out what you (and your partner) will need to work on. Great preparation for your next tournament.  

3 and Me - 1 hour Cost $24 per person 

Play with and against the Pro. One of our most popular clinics with match play critique. 

Central Oregon Rating Evaluations (CORE). 2.5 hours Cost $42 per person. 

Pickleball Zone is CORE testing and training center. 

CORE Prep Clinics -1.5 hours Cost $32 per person. 

Your Pro will prepare you for your CORE session.  

Camps - Cost Varies - Throughout the year Pickleball Zone provides many different camps and opportunities for different skill levels. These events may be hosted by visiting teaching pros in conjunction with our Pickleball Zone Pros.